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I played from when the game first came out until WoWs release and I'm wanting to return. Back in the day, I started with a Thane before switching
27 Apr 2011 Specializing in songs that instill courage and strength in his countrymen, the Skald is a tremendous boon to a party of adventurers. As dexterous as he is with a lute, the Skald is equally at home with a sword. Despite rumors to the German; Skalde-Guide von Nell 05.01.02. Last Updated: Wed Apr 27
Uthgard, a classic Dark Age of Camelot freeshard reviving good old times. As a skald you will be using your lvl 29 hammer style (backstyle, reduce target's movement speed) and your lvl 15 style (anytimer, very low endu costs). How to spec for this and what is important one can still speak about.
Le skald est un combattant chanteur. Ses voies de specialisation sont : arme, chants de guerre et parade. Contrairement a ses homologues albionnais et hiberniens (menestrel et barde) son role est plutot oriente vers le combat. Il porte une armure de cuir cloute jusqu'au level 20 puis a acces a l'armure de
The Skald fights alongside his Viking brethren, and has the ability to augment his fighting skills by shouting the words of Bragi at his enemies. When the battle is over, the Skald may use a soothing verse to speed the healing process and ready his party for battle once again. WEAPON SPEC. Axe; Hammer; Sword
Bragi, the god of poetry and song bestows his blessings on the class called Skalds. With Bragi's blessings, the Skald is infused with the ability to deliver his party swiftly into battle. During the battle the Skald may call upon Bragi to enhance the party's battle prowess by chanting Bragi's poetry. The chants will either inspire the
25 Dec 2003 Skald creation guide - Race - As a skald you are a low priority target and should design yourself to do as much dmg. as possible 8v8 is very easy with CC win and solid target selection. In saying this ditch Kobald (love you Barbos). I know people are Kobi fanbois but it makes little sense. In DAoC, parry is a
6 Sep 2002 Whats race is the best for RvR (Skald) I know there isnt a "best over all" but I wanna hear your views, shoot away =P. morabiliz Guest. I would go for Troll since small shield is rather crappy and you can't spec in it. Troll +10 CON, STR, QUE and use 2H weapon. morabiliz, Sep 6, 2002.
Midgard Class Guide. Class: Berserker. Race: Trolls are considered the best racial choice for most melee classes due to their extremely high STR stat. Norse are a more balanced . Between damage add from Battlesongs, 2 DDs, and health regen song a Skald can level with minimal downtime. RvR: 46 Battlesongs, 44
16 Jul 2012 I'm 25 and lvling been throwing points into songs and hammer only really but not sure what way to spec other than songs ? Thread: Skald specs? (Given): 802; Likes (Received): 2502; Mentioned: 3418 Post(s); Tagged: 5 Thread(s); Twitch Channel(s): View Channel: officialdaoc View Channel: yaycarol.