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9 Jan 2016 [Discussion]The Comprehensive Scholar's Guide to Dungeoneering, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cleric Stance (self.ffxiv). submitted 1 year You're in charge.) With those preliminary comments out of the way, I will describe how a basic pull goes for me as a Scholar in level 60 dungeons.
27 Jul 2015 limit my search to r/ffxiv I feel like if you go in to a DF dungeon and your co healer see's you responding to things quickly and are capable, they just don't do shit. Haven't I'd like to say that this guide is funny but I've experienced too many SCH's that just have me solo heal our DF while doing Alexander.
1 Sep 2017 This is an extensive guide to the Scholar job in FFXIV. It will cover the information necessary to play Scholar at a high level, how Scholar synergizes with other healer jobs, and how to become a better healer overall. This guide is going to be long. VERY long. I will provide TL;DR recaps at the end of some of
15 Sep 2013 This guide was originally written shortly after the launch of 2.0 when the general consensus was that WHM was better than SCH simply because so many However, in pre-30 dungeons, Eos can pretty much solo heal the entire group, only occasionally would you need to heal in bosses, allowing you to be
1 Lore; 2 General Information; 3 Requirement; 4 Trainer Locations; 5 Actions; 6 Traits; 7 Pet Actions. 7.1 Eos; 7.2 Selene; 7.3 General Commands. 8 Role Actions; 9 PvP Actions; 10 Quests; 11 Job Gauge. 11.1 Aetherflow & Faerie Gauge in PvE; 11.2 Aetherflow & Faerie Gauge in PvP. 12 Scholar Guide; 13 Scholar Macros
28 Aug 2017 What you do. The Scholar's spells are about shielding and healing. At low levels, Aetherflow is mostly a At any given moment, a Scholar gets to pick from a few things to do: Use an Aetherflow charge; Shield or heal someone For light dungeon parties, Selene. For raids or damage-heavy trials, Eos.
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24 Jul 2016
51, 120, Ishgardian Bowman's Set, Obtained from the The Dusk Vigil dungeon. 52, 125, Holy Rainbow Aiming Set, Crafted, with a large number of the items also obtainable from vendors (most notably Traveling Merchant (Tailfeather)), quests and levequests. 50, 130, Augmented Ironworks Aiming Set, Obtained by trading
Dijana, this is kind of late, but I want to thank you for this guide. Along with your guide, so many others contributed their advice in the comments and that just helped to get as many different play styles as possible. Thank you very much. ----. ----. 11/30/2013 6:11:15 PM. This character has been deleted. this will help me big