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The Avamar SQL Server Client 5.0 provides a complete backup and restore . Avamar Windows client installation is required prior to all SQL Server Client.
27 Aug 2014 However it also states in the guide that it uses VDI devices to backup and restore. I, and others probably, would advise against doing this with
4 Dec 2016
There is some "AlwaysOn availability group requirements" in the EMC Avamar 7.2 for SQL Server User Guide. Eventually, you can find your
15 Mar 2016 How Avamar works in a Windows Server 2012 cluster with SOFS or. SMB. EMC Avamar Backup Clients User Guide. 0. EMC Avamar Operational Best EMC Avamar for SQL Server User Guide. 0. EMC Avamar for
23 May 2014 After some searching I found this buried down in the Avamar 7.0 for SQL Servers User Guide: "If you do not specify an authentication method,
10 Jul 2013
Is anyone using avamar backups to do live backups of sql server? are there any issues, are there.
7 Jan 2013 Write-Debug “Install SQL Server Avamar Backup plugin” # Installation of SQL Plugin # FIrst let's check if AVAMAR Agent is installed. Try {
25 Nov 2013 Purpose. This guide describes how to install Avamar in a Microsoft SQL Server database environment, and how to back up and restore SQL

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