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-turn on machine -let sit for 5 mins -pour in cotton candy sugar in the machine about a teaspoon at a time -and just keep adding more sugar slowly -then stick the "cony stick thingys" in the If you Google Rose Art Cotton Candy Machine Manual, you'll find a number of articles. Most important, CHECK YOUR
Rose Art invites your comments and questions about this product. F'Ieose write to'. Rose IMPORTANT - instructions must be reocl For proper . When you linished making cotton candy, do not add any more sugar, but leave the machine on For lew minutes. This will help clean out the machine. 'I Turn all the machine but.
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First of all that machine has a major recall of 188,,000 units ,, you can see the recall here, the rose art recall hotline is Rose Art Recall Hotline: (888) 262-4474 does the fan turn on and run for a few seconds then turn off? if so,, you need to contact
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Roseart Cotton Candy Maker in Home & Garden, Kitchen, Dining & Bar, Small Kitchen. Roseland "The Real Cotton Candy Machine" -- 2nd Generation. Comes with ALL original packaging, instructions and accessories (cotton candy cones). Cotton Candy Maker - CRA-Z-ART - Toys "R" Us. The Real Cotton Candy Machine