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GEA Hilge HYGIA. Centrifugal Pumps 50/60 Hz. Catalogue 2017 GEA Hilge HYGIA II 100/100 - 50 Hz - 2 pole. 53. GEA Hilge HYGIA II 125/100 .. RAL 9005. Material motor stool. 316L (1.4404). Casing. Clamp ring - KLM. Documentation. Operating manual. Declaration of CE conformity. Pump test report. 12. 6. 9. 3. ATO.
(Euro-HYGIA® III - on request):up to 250 m3/h. Operating pressure: up to 16 bar. Operating temperature: 95°C. (up to 150°C on request). Sterilisation temperature: 140°C (SIP). Applications. The unique hygienic design and the use of materials make the Euro-HYGIA® pump range suitable for: Food and beverage industry.
Shanley Pump sells Hilge Euro-Hygia Single-Stage Stainless Steel Centrifugal Beverage and Brewery Pumps.
Kennfelder. 1. Technische Daten. 2. Anwendungsbereiche. 2. Konstruktion. 2. Werkstoffe. 3. Bauformen. 3. Gleitringdichtung. 3. Oberflachenbehandlung. 3. Anschlusse. 3. Produkteigenschaften und Produktvorteile. 3. Lesen von Kennliniendiagrammen. 4. Kennlinienbedingungen. 5. Kennlinien Euro HYGIA® I. 6.
Euro-HYGIA® II Adapta® SUPER on stainless steel combi foot (frame size 100-160). 70. Euro-HYGIA® II Adapta® SUPER on machine feet (frame size 180). 71. Euro-HYGIA® II Bloc on cast iron foot. (frame size 90-132). 72. Euro-HYGIA® II Bloc on motor foot with stainless steel support (frame size 160). 73. Euro-HYGIA® II
CONTRA Hygienic Applications Centrifugal Process Pump; DURIETTA Close Coupled CIP and SIP Capable Centrifugal Process Pump; EURO-HYGIA Stainless Steel Beverage Pump; HYGIANA Multistage Beverage and Sterile Liquids Pump; MAXA Heavy Duty Beer and Beverage Pump; MAXANA Stainless Steel Brewery
The design of the wet-end parts meets the Qualified Hygienic. Design (QHD) standards with EHEDG test certificate for CIP cleanability (TNO), 3A Sanitary Standard (USA), GOST (Russia). The Euro-HYGIA® pumps feature deep-drawn, heavy-duty casing made of CrNiMo stainless steel 1.4404, equivalent to. AISI 316L.
Corresponds to the Highest Global Hygiene Requirements. Produced of high-quality materials that meet the highest global hygiene standards, GEA Hilge Euro-HYGIA® also offers a high level of flexibility. Apart from DIN, ASME and ISO connections, a flexible range of custom connections is available upon request.
21 Mar 2011 Euro-HYGIA® I Adapta . Identification of Instructions in the Operating Manual .. 8. Qualifications and Training of Personnel .. 8. Hazards Upon Failure to Follow the Safety Instructions .
Grundfos sanitary pumps. 3. Hygienic design. 3. Performance range. Performance range, 2-pole. 4. Performance range, 4-pole. 4. Euro-HYGIA. ®. Euro-HYGIA®. 6. F&B-HYGIA. ®. F&B-HYGIA®. 8. Contra. Contra. 10 durietta 0 durietta 0. 12. SIPLA. SIPLA. 14. MAXA and MAXANA. MAXA and MAXANA. 16. Identification.