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Adjust the meter to the right settings (AC, DC, ohms etc.) 4. Is the range of the meter high enough for the test circuit? 5a. If measuring current or voltage, turn on power and inspect the meter value. 5b. Don't switch on power if you are measuring resistance. 6. Switch off the power and then remove the test leads from the circuit.
To test a Zener or an LED while it is in a circuit, you just need a volt-meter. For a Zener, just measure the voltage across it. Using a VOM or a battery-operated DMM, put the black lead on the anode and the red lead on the cathode. You should read the Zener voltage. If you read zero volts, the Zener is shorted or the resistor
Easy testing resistor methods that can check and test resistor in or out of circuit.
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If you. To begin, make sure no current is running through the circuit or component you want to test. Switch it off, unplug it from the wall, and remove any batteries. Remember that you'll be testing the resistance of the entire circuit. If you want to test an individual component such as a resistor, test it by itself—not with it soldered
Testing Components "In-Circuit" Transformers - current transformer. Transformer - common mode. Transformer Ratings 28v-0-28v. Transistor Outlines Transistors Transistors Digital Triacs Unknown resistors - testing. Using A Multimeter Voltage Divider Voltage Regulators Voltages on a circuit. Wire Wound Resistor Yokes
  transmitted signal is not completely absorbed by the load and a portion is reflected back into the transmission line. If the source, transmission line and load impedance are equal these reflections are eliminated. This test measures the series resistance of the CAN data pair conductors and the attached terminating resistors.
How to Test Resistors. Resistors regulate the amount of current flowing in an electronic circuit. Resistors present a resistance, or impedance, to the electrical circuit and reduce the amount of current that is allowed to flow. Resistors
25 Mar 2003 How do you know if a resistor is correctly restricting the flow of electricity? Using a multimeter is an obvious answer. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. This article will explain what you need to know.
29 Jul 2012 If you try, you will get incorrect readings and that's worse than no reading at all. You can make sure your meter is working well by having a 'reference resistor' to test against. A 1% 1K? or 10K? resistor is perfect! Low batteries can make your multimeter wonky. Resistance is non-directional, you can switch