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Identifying Muncie 4-Speeds. Muncie ID. Several things are needed to identify a Muncie correctly. The first is a main case casting number. Second a count of the input shaft and output shaft splines and 1964 to 1968 Muncie 4-speed transmissions can be identified from later models by the way the transmission arms attach.
GM was phasing out the use of the Borg-Warner T-10 in 1963, and the Muncie 2.56:1 ratio became standard equipment for four-speed applications in the 1964 Chevelle, Nova and Olds F-85/Cutlass. The early Muncie units built between 1963-'65 had a 7/8-inch input shaft and are not the best transmissions to use in a swap,
13 Jun 2017 The discussion about whether to use a four-speed or an automatic transmission has been going on for as long as anyone can remember, and we see no end in sight. While the four-speed manual transmission was a staple in many Chevrolet musclecars, even many of the General's “other” car models were
Muncie 4-speed Transmission (Group 4.000) - Casting Numbers . 1964 to 1968 Muncie 4-speed transmissions can be identified from later models by the way the transmission arms attach. Early Muncie side covers Those listed in orange have been found but numbers do not appear in any Chevelle Assembly Manual.
The letter M was used to ID the Mun. 1968 Muncie M22 4 Speed Transmission Wide Ratio Main case (3925660 ) Has a VERY NICE gear set and has been rebuilt to include:NEW bearing retainer NEW magnetic . PRO REBUILT 1968 MUNCIE 4-SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION # 3925660 NEW SYNCHROS/CLEAN.
Just three types of Muncie 4-speeds are available based on the RPO (regular production option) code used when a car was ordered: the M20 (standard wide-ratio), .. Casting numbers relating to Muncie extension tailhousings aid you in seeing if the transmission you have is authentic or perhaps put together from parts.
20 Oct 2011 Go here for info on Chevy Automatic Transmission Identification. chevy four speed transmissions. Muncie (left) Saginaw (center) Borg Warner (right). To quickly finger what you have, notice in the above picture: The muncie reverse lever is in the extention housing, and the cover has 7 bolts. The Saginaw
29 Jul 2016 Learn how to identify production code numbers, VIN numbers, and more on a Muncie transmission. Get in the right This number is much different than the casting date codes for the individual parts that make up the transmission, which is covered below in the Casting Date Code section. Most of the Build
The primary four-speed manual transmissions used by Chevrolet are the Saginaw, Muncie and Borg Warner models, with Saginaw and Muncie units being specifically made for Chevrolet. Saginaw and Borg
Many people are always calling me or asking me at shows on how to identify Muncie 4 speeds. Not too many people actually know what type Muncie they have and most publications have done a fantastic job of giving out wrong information. This includes performance parts books from GM as well as a multitude of poorly