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Reading the MAQS instructions which are for larger hives with extra openings recommended for a normal two strip treatment, I am trying a single strip on my I used single strip last October to good effect on a couple of colonies which built up high Varroa despite earlier Apiguard and it worked leaving low
28 May 2014 of the Veterinary Medicinal Product. MAQS Formic Acid 68.2g Beehive Strips for Honey Bees. MAQS 68.2g Beehive Strips for Honey Bees (IT). MAQS (EE). Qualitative and Quantitative Composition Treatment of Varroosis caused by Varroa destructor in honey bees (Apis mellifera). 4.3 Contraindications.
The Honey bee colony cluster must cover a minimum of 6 brood frames (approximately 10,000 bees). If you move your nucs into full size brood chambers and allow them time to expand to a full six frames, you can then treat with MAQS. Always remember to wait 24 hours after working your bees to treat with MAQS.
Subject: The paper wrap on the gel strip. Q) I remove the outer plastic wrap, should I peel the inner paper wrap off of the gel? A) The paper wrap stays on. It works as a wick to help control the vapour release. Subject: Examining the colony and then treating. Q) The label says to disturb the colony as little as possible at time of.
colony health is not expected to be affected, with brood rearing returning to normal by the end of the treatment. 100% fully compostable after application is completed. Mite Away Quick Strips can be left in the hive for the bees to dispose of or can be removed and composted. Follow handling instructions on the package.
edu) for disposal instructions. PLASTIC BAG (OUTER WRAP) DISPOSAL: Rinse or air dry empty Spent strips need not be removed after treatment. If they are removed, dispose of by composting. Treat all (20 Strips) or 25 Doses (50. Strips) or 36 Doses (72 Strips). For Treatment of Honey Bees Infested with Varroa Mites
the role MAQS in Varroa control in Britain but one thing is sure, they are certainly not in drone brood. On average the mother mite emerges from worker brood with 1.3 viable daughters but the success rate increases. An Update on Varroa Control. Treatments. Wally Shaw adhere to the manufacture's instructions. Now we
17 Sep 2014
Mite Away Quick. Strips™ (MAQS™). Treatment period is 7 days. Consult label for instructions including placement of strips. Ensure that the hive entrance is open and unobstructed. This treatment is good for both tracheal mites and varroa mites. Note: The honey bee colony cluster must cover a minimum of 6 brood frames.
Varroa destructor in honey bees (Apis mellifera). 2 beehive strips comprise Apply MAQS on single or double brood-chamber stan- dard Langstroth treatment. An entrance must be provided that is the full width of the hive, typically the bottom board en- trance. The bottom hive entrance needs to be fully open (full width of